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Entry Level Computer: This is a normal use computer. LanLabs offers real-time component selection, so these will typically be much more advanced than a traditional retail package.

Advanced Computer: This perks up the whole system with great mid-level advancements, and where a boutique computer company (like LanLabs) really specializes. With a small increase in budget, this is a serious computer that should last an average of 5-7 years running the latest programs.

Specialized: This is serious performance. This computer will outshine just about anything seen in a traditional retail environment.

Extreme: If you want it all, then here it is. No holds barred software shredding performance.


Our computers aren’t designed to be ugly, but there are literally dozens of decisions that can be influential to the final “wow” factor. We just need some guidance on how far to go. The pics below are unedited raw pictures of our machines inside our store and build facility. Some are esthetically stock while others are customized down to painted screws.

  • Bestia Gaming PCBestia Gaming PC
    Custom Bestia Gaming PC
  • Custom ComputerCustom Computer
    Clean Mid-Level Custom Computer
  • SFF Budget PCSFF Budget PC
    SFF Budget Home PC

  • Custom Gamer LvL2Custom Gamer LvL2
    Custom Gamer LvL2 (minor added esthetics)
  • Water Cooled BestiaWater Cooled Bestia
    Custom Water Cooled Bestia with Matching Components
  • Stock Mid Level CaseStock Mid Level Case
    Stock Mid Level Case

Cases come in varying sizes, but all adhere to an ATX format for internal space and layout. However, we can still build machines that fit in the palm of your hand! So please describe any spacial needs in “anything else we need to know”.

How Big is this Computer: **If shipping a full tower add $300 for crate shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our computers are pretty quiet since silence is a byproduct of quality, this is especially true with fans. Fans noise and HD noise represent the majority of the sound produced by a computer, so improving on those can be a dramatic difference! We have built machines for media broadcast booths, recording studios, and even science labs building and testing materials in anechoic chambers. So please let us know how we can help you achieve your quiet computer goals.

How quiet is this PC:

quiet pc DB chart

There are A LOT of misconceptions out there concerning hard drives and speed - Especially when it comes to SSDs. Most hard drive comparisons use Windows load time as a benchmark, but did you know that is also affected by CPU, motherboard and RAM? Windows load time is also not representative of performance in Photoshop or certain games for example. This is an area we highly recommend you leave to the experts at LanLabs who will ensure your overall computing experience is as fast as your budget will allow.

Boot & Application Drive:

Want us to put a little extra into video? This is a popular option for gamers and engineers as most normal uses will be covered already.

Please note: An acceptable video card for your tasks is covered under "budget". This is OPTIONAL spending above and beyond that.

Extra GPU Budget:

This option does not necessarily mean you will have a second drive. Your computer technician may decide to add a larger main drive, RAID or other applicable option based on your other choices.

Storage Drive:

LanLabs always recommends a wire over wireless. Even the best wireless is slower then a wired connection. However, if you must use wireless, we will get you the fastest solution possible.


Double the speed! This option usually involves Teaming - Combining two ethernet ports to function as one (or even sometimes independent of each other when multi-tasking or file serving is involved). If you are compensating for network lag (which we find is common among our customers) you may need a new more powerful router, or features like packet prioritization (must have for gamers on a shared network).

2000Mbps Ethernet:

Computer components can never be too cool. Cooling provides better performance, longevity and even affects esthetics and sound - its important. However, LanLabs computers do not overheat! Temperature is a byproduct of efficiency and LanLabs uses only high quality components expertly balanced to achieve the best "bang for the buck" we can.

Stock Cooling: We use the finest thermal paste in every build and never charge extra for it - Choose cases that use high quality fans and positive pressure air flow - NEVER use chip level overclocked components (these are components on the market that overclock from the factory to appear faster) - and always give a professional wire tuck to maximize air flow. These are all standard no-cost features at LanLabs.

Stage I Cooling: This usually is a nice CPU cooler as they are almost always the best "bang for the buck".

Stage II Cooling: This involves a total thermal map of the PC and eliminates all fluctuations in temperature. We even remove stock coolers on components and apply higher quality thermal solutions underneath them. Other common uses of this budget are added fans, aftermarket coolers and even better case choices - Usually leading to a computer that will run only a few degrees above the ambient temperature (rivaling off-the-shelf water cooling for a fraction of the price).

Basic Water Cooling: This is a separate, high quality, block, reservoir and pump. Depending on thermal output this budget can fluctuate and include any combination of components.

Advanced Water Cooling: Water cooling done right. Can be a very high priced option that scales with the components chosen and only recommended on high-end computers (as this budget would be better spend on faster components in most cases). But it will be cool, quiet and absolutely gorgeous!


This page was designed to accommodate the average users budget. Some of us want a little (or a lot) more out of our computers. This area is for you. This budget will be applied to all aspects of the machine and upgrade us into the luxury computing category.

Luxury Budget:

Estimated Total: **Price is a guideline based on industry averages.

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