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Unbeatable Warranty Coverage & Value

What can a boutique company offer the home computer user? How about cost efficient reliability?

Home users are one of the most victimized segments in the computer industry. Companies sell you the appearance of value and support usually leaving you to outsourced call centers... Not LanLabs!

Not only do we offer a level of support that has been copied by most of the industry, we still do it better! Send in your computer and LabLabs fixes it. FREE OF CHARGE - Even if it was your fault, or because of software not purchased through us!

LanLabs has repair stores. We enter our warranty work in as a repair and wave any and all labor charges for the life of the PC. So anything you would use a repair store for, you can simply use your warranty! That's how PC support should work!
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HomeLAN LvL 1

More than you need for much less than you would expect to pay. We built our HomeLAN series to auto-adjust everything. It's like having your own computer guy in a box!

Proven compatibility, quiet operation and of course performance. Entry level just got a first class upgrade.

Add in our 'No Labor' Computer Warranty and nothing on the market beats our HomeLAN LvL 1.
Call us today to see why your next home computer should be a HomeLAN.

Our Price: $399.99